Michigan labiaplasty revision surgery

About The Procedure

It has been ten years since Dr. Berenholz began doing laser labiaplasty after his training in Beverly Hills, California. At that time Dr. Berenholz was trained by Dr. David Matlock of the now famous Beverly Hills 90210 television show. After returning to Michigan, Dr. Berenholz has performed nearly 1000 labiaplasty, more than any gynecologist, cosmetic gynecologist, plastic surgeon or surgeon anywhere in the Midwest United States. His laser technique has brought great success and relief to hundreds of young women and middle-aged women who were very displeased with the appearance of their labia minora. The enlarged labia were not only a problem in terms of esthetics or appearance, but were also problematic in that they caused labial pain and discomfort with tight-fitted clothes and with exercise such as bicycle riding. The enlarged labia also caused discomfort during sex and Dr. Berenholz was the first physician in the form of a cosmetic gynecologist to address this problem. Unfortunately, over the years there have been many other surgeons who have attempted laser labiaplasty or labia reduction surgery techniques and along with new and untrained physicians come numerous complications. Dr. Berenholz is now being sought out by many patients to help do revisions of labiaplasty or labia reduction surgery performed by such surgeons. Complications include actual holes appearing in the labia, too much labia left behind, or too much labia removed.

The same situation now also holds true with laser vaginal rejuvenation and vaginal tightening procedures and Casual Encounters. Dr. Berenholz has consulted many women over the years who have had supposed tightening procedures but only to have them fail. Vaginal tightening procedures have been attempted by other physicians and integrative medicine doctors other than trained gynecologists and this has created a problem and has created consultations with Dr. Berenholz to try to alleviate and remedy the problems that now exist with these patients. Dr. Berenholz has tried to empower with choice and alternatives in their attempt to have the type of vulvar appearance and tightness that they desire. His laser vaginal rejuvenation patients now number nearly 1000 but with every popular procedure comes complications and Dr. Berenholz is now being sought after as the consultant for such issues.

The laser labiaplasty is done in about an hour to three hours, depending on how complicated and how extensive the labial hypertrophy or enlargement is. Dr. Berenholz carefully selects his patients, gives them a special pudendal block intraoperatively so postoperatively these patients have little or no pain. The labia are marked with marking pens and measured for symmetry so that the exact amount of labial tissue is removed

but many labia have redundant tissue and have excess prepuce tissue which requires additional laser sculpting of the labia minora. This is what is so time consuming and the margins, because they are left by a diode laser, are hemostatic in almost all instances and are closed with suturing material. Dr. Berenholz also helps reduce the size of labia majora in women who complain of sagging labia major tissue. This can be done with both laser as well as cold knife procedure and is becoming more and more requested as a popular sculpting process for shaping the vulvar structures of women. Recovery time for labial surgery usually requires two days off of work and most women are at their desks on the third day. There is a minimal to moderate amount of discomfort in the first four days.

Dr. Berenholz urges all women who seek laser labiaplasty or labial reduction surgery or vaginal rejuvenation to ask one important question when they visit a prospective physician, “How many of these procedures have you done?” This is no different than asking a cardiovascular surgeon how many coronary by passes have they done before they operate on your heart or plastic surgeon who is about to do breast augmentation.For any more information about the rehab process simply click this tab detoxofsouthflorida.com. Experience is paramount in these situations and no one in the Midwest United States has more experience than Dr. Joseph Berenholz.